Saturday, April 29, 2006

When I reach for MY 40...

When I reach for my forty, it's a tub of Tribe of Two Sheiks 40 Spices Hummus!

Terrel and I are all about some Greek / Lebanese food (call it what you will, it's just GQC). I've actually learned how to cook a little Greek-anese at home. Yesterday, we were in the kitchen making chicken and hummus pitas and we were crackin' each other up over the Tribe 40 Spices hummus that I get from the market. (Trust me, just go out and buy it, it's too much trouble to make: blend blend blend blend...taste...blend blend blend--You can have it!) It was so side-splittingly hilarious, that I thought it worthy to share with you all.

Other funnies: This is an actual conversation direct from our home to your ears. Seriously, if they did a Newlyweds 2 at our house, I could give Jessica a run for her money, and I don't even have the blonde hair to blame it on!

Sarah: Seriously, you are just PARAnormal!
Terrel: I'm a ghost?
Sarah: No, PARA-normal--outside the norm. You need to study your suffixes!
Terrel: You mean prefixes. A suffix would be something like -ful.
Sarah: Which is a unit of measurement!***

***Ever since an all out Scattagories battle royale that took place between Terrel and myself in early March, I have maintained that the suffix -ful would be an appropriate 'F' term for a unit of measurement. My argument is twofold: Since it is the suffix, -ful, that turns any ordinary noun into a unit of measurement, I assert that the issue of measurement lies within the suffix itself. Furthermore, since it is the suffix that gets the plural phoneme,-s or -es (as in cupfuls or handfuls) I maintain that the suffix, -ful, is a viable unit of measurement and that I should get a point for that answer. It should also be noted that I am the only one--as of yet--who holds to this argument. Everyone else...isonTerrel'sside.


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