Monday, April 17, 2006

Sorry, Holly. Here are the......PANDAS!

If you've known me for very long at all, you're probably aware that I am plagued by a pesky curse. Someone somewhere along the way put a gris gris on the women in my family. We can't go anywhere or purchase anything that something does not go wrong with it! Seriously, I've seen my mom get hit by the curse three times in one day. Case in point: Wednesday before last Terrel and I got new phones from Cingular and they both stopped working within 5 days. So, we had to take them back. The Curse.

So, when Terrel and I recently visited the Atlanta Zoo with Holly and Glen, Holly's great desire was to see the Pandas before they get shipped back to China. Now, Holly knows about the curse and has seen it in action several times. She also knows that the curse is no respecter of persons and that anyone who just happens to be with me at the time the curse strikes could become the unwitting victim herself. Needless to say, after hearing that I'd been from one end of the country to the other in a single summer, had visited both the Washington and the San Diego zoos, which famously house pandas, and had yet to actually see a panda, Holly was a little worried about her own chances.

Luckily, the curse decided to hide that day. Maybe it was the beautiful weather. Maybe it was that we went early in the morning. Maybe it was the huge pile of bamboo. Whatever the case, we saw some pandas! So here it is, strait from our camera for your viewing pleasure: the majestic PANDA!


Blogger Holly said...

I love the pandas!

5:24 PM  
Blogger Lycan said...

I can't think about Pandas without thinking about the cartoon that was around when we were kids that featured the hero Don Coyote and his trusty sidekick Pancho Panda.

5:41 AM  
Blogger Lycan said...

I'm sorry. It seems that the alliteration is my own creation. Don Coyote's trusty side kick was in fact Sancho Panda.

6:01 AM  

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