Thursday, March 30, 2006


Last month I finally broke down and bought an iPod. I love that thing! It goes everywhere with me! It even has it's own special golden pouch that it rides around in. Oh the accessories I'm gonna buy! It is the coolest thing to have your entire music collection right there! There's never the issue of what CD(s) to bring with me on trips or to work out!? My CDs will stay like new because I don't tote them around with me in my car or whatever! I'm absolutely amazed with technology, and the fact that I have no idea how it all works makes it all the more magical! I think it's official, I'm in iLuv.

New to the Pod:
Anna Nalick
Vanilla Ice
Johnny Cash

Ray Charles
Justin Timberlake
John Reuben
Garth Brooks

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What'd you give up?

Well, it's the Lenten Season again, and everybody's askin' the same question: "What'd you give up?" I think it's all pretty funny. Sometimes people want to get in your face if you didn't give something up, like you don't love Jesus if you don't do Lent. Actually, I never knew how controversial Lent could be. To inagurate the season our church had an Ash Wednesday service. It was a memorable evening and a very moving service. To have someone remind you that you came from the dust and you will return to the dust, and then to have them remind you to go and live in peace--it's moving. Or, infuriating, as we came to find out the next day....

A man called our church and was very angry because he thought Lent was a Catholic thing. That cracks me up. He really was quite angry, though. I'm not happy about that, of course. The fact is, observing the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness is open to anyone of any denomination. In fact, it would probably do the majority of us good to give something up for a while, to suffer only a portion of what Jesus did. I mean, he didn't eat! But that goes without saying.

I like the church we're at now. One of the greatest things about our congregation is that it is very eccumenical. The community of believers is bound together across denominational lines in a way that I think is rare within the church today. We don't sit around a squabble over every nuance of faith, we just focus on what we all have in common--Jesus. Each Wednesday a different church holds a Lenten service, and they invite the pastor from another church / denomination to preach that service. There is only one rule--you can't preach from your own pulpit--you have to share. I love it. The love and openness in the community is miles away from the conflict within my own beloved Baptist denomination. It makes me realize that maybe we chose too many hills to plant our flags and die on. Maybe we need to paint the boundaries of Christian community with broader strokes, and be joined by love rather than divided by hatred. We hate each other in the love of the Lord far too often--I am guilty of it myself.

I am so glad to be here among these people. I'm learning to see Christianity through different eyes. It's not an exclusive club. The nuances of faith don't make or break a believer. The fact of the matter is that God loves us all, and as long as we share that faith in Jesus, I think sometimes we shoud just let God sort the rest of it out.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Reverse Racism

Terrel and I recently decided that it would be a worth-while investment to subscribe to Blockbuster Online. You get one free movie rental from the store per week, plus three movies at a time by mail. For $20 a month, you just can't beat it. As you can imagine, we've been watching movies like crazy. This past week has been all about the Oscars and the AFI top 100. We saw Amadeus and Crash.

Amadeus is one of the best movies ever (it won 8 Academy Awards) and it's pretty much tried and true, so I won't waste time telling you how much I really love that movie. The soundtrack is awesome. (Duh, it's Mozart!) However, I was infuriated after watching Crash, but I think that was the point.

I cannot deny that racism is rampant in this country, and indeed, all over the world. As human beings we cannot help but look at one another and notice differences. However, I think that racism has changed a great deal over the past 30 years, at least in America. The judgements that we make about one another based on color are completely different. We no longer say, "I hate you because you are [insert race]." Instead we say, "You hate me because you are [insert race]." We hear and see everything through our fear of and hypersensitivity to racism. It is an epidemic that affects all peoples of all races--no one is cleared of the charge because everyone is guilty of it.

Yesterday I sat and thought about being a white person. Honkey. Cracker. Those words hurt me, but no one is afraid to say them. No one is fired or thrown off the air for using those words. Cracker, short for whip cracker. I never cracked a whip at anyone. Neither did my parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. In fact, my grandparents picked cotton. They didn't have anything--they worked in the fields. I call them dustbowl people, because they looked like something out of the Grapes of Wrath. My father was taught to say "yes sir" and "no sir" to black and white people alike, so long as they were older than him. My family and my husband's family has always had a great respect for people of all races. Yet, we are made to suffer with the rest of white America. We are the bad guys, the Crackers, and we will continue to pay for crimes against humanity that we never committed, as will our children and our children's children. So, now we are the victims.

Terrel and I will never receive a welfare check--but we will work our fingers to the bone so that we can provide for ourselves, our children, and countless others "less fortunate" than us. Millions of people will never put one penny into Social Security, but they will live off of it their entire lives. My mother and father will be lucky if it is still available to them when they retire. They've contributed their tax dollars their entire lives. It is a sad situation and it hurts my heart deeply that we have no voice. It has been drowned out by the countless voices that scream "oppression," "racism," "slavery," "retrobution." These are the voices of people who never suffered a day in their lives, but have only read about it in books. Perhaps they remember what their parents or grandparents may have suffered, but they have never experienced the true meaning of the word.

I challenge even shock-jock Howard Stern to get on his radio show and start throwing out slang terms in reference to minorities. As much as he champions free speech, I would venture to guess that he would not dare to take it so far. The fact of the matter is that he'd be off the air the next day. But get up there and call a white person whatever you want: racist, biggot, honkey, cracker, red neck, coon ass, card carryin' member of the KKK. That's ok. Because we deserve it, right? We're paying our dues, right? For all of the years we spent oppressing black people through slavery and segregation. The problem is, I never did any of that, and neither did my parents or their parents. So, I guess the question is: Who's the racist now?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Twenty Things I Know About Hollis

I was perusing Holly's blog today and I read the 100 things she put on there about herself, so I thought I would dedicate this blog to her. Here are a few things that I know about Hollis. (Be very afraid.)

1. Holly hates it when you leave the cabinet doors open in the kitchen.
2. In the winter you're not allowed to use the heat because it upsets her asthma.
3. She's also allergic to cats.
4. Holly will have her work done a week before its due.
5. She thinks hand puppets are really funny.
6. For some reason, she calls 7th Heaven real entertainment.
7. You do not want to mess with her while she's watching ER.
8. She likes Anne Taylor Loft...a lot.
9. We made an emergency trade on her wedding day--she wore my corset-bra thingy and I wore hers.
10. She may love to sleep, but she doesn't like for other people to take naps. (Never failed to call and wake me up during naptime!)
11. She coined the term "Quesodilla Affect."
12. One time she walked into the movie theater and asked for Superman ticket to the Spiderman movie.
13. Hollis is the most responsible person on the earth.
14. If there are no cups left in the cabinets, she knows where to find them and will go out and get them.
15. If Selma Hayeck's hips are bigger than even yours are, she'll tell you so.
16. A cup of soup, a pickle, and PB-n-J are a balanced meal for Holly.
17. Holly can invite you to be one of her bridesmaids along with those lifelong friends she was talking about, and she'll make you feel right at home, like you've all known each other all your lives.
18. Holly likes for the dishes to be washed in a timely manner.
19. If you find a baby bird on the playground, rescue it from the children, and bring it home in a butterfly house, Holly will find an animal hospital to take it in and then she'll even take the bird to them so that you don't have to.
20. She's the only other person who knows what's up with that.

How Long Has it Been?'s been a while. So much has happened. Where do I begin?

After the ordination, Terrel and I sent our parents on their way and tried to resume life as usual. I spent the next two weeks subbing in PE. It was crazy, especially because I'm not the most sportstastic person. It was a crazy two weeks, and I don't remember much that happened. All I know is that I survived--I'm still standin.

In Sarah-land, two weeks of hard work equals two weeks off, so the last couple of weeks I spent recouperating from the PE thing. I really did need it because by the end of the two weeks I had a knot in my back that just would not go away!!! Time off did the trick and the knot is gone. But don't think I wasn't busy. Life as a minister's wife guarantees that I usually have somewhere to be every day.

So, I'm in week two and class is keeping me occupied. I finished up my Monday night class this week, and I have my longer Technology class this week as well. Staying home is a lot of work though. The kitchen is spotless, the livingroom is on its way, the closet is cleaned out, and the garden has been weeded. I also dug out, cleaned, and replaced all of the little bricks that border our flower beds only to run over them when I backed out of the driveway this morning. I gotta fix that when I get home.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go to work.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Funny Things

The life of a sub must be a life filled with laughter. I see the humor in everything! Yesterday I got hit square in the eye with a dodge ball. That's right. IN MY EYE! It really kind of hurt...but it was more shocking than anything else. I had to keep my whits about me and recover quickly in order to save face!

On Monday night I had class. Wow...that sucks. In fact, my friend Meg leans over to me and says: "This class sucks so bad I got hickies on my right finger!" Wow.

A couple of days ago I tried to implement one of my INtech lesson plans at the school I'm currently subbing in. It was absolutely disasterous. The Power Point presentation I had worked on for hours froze thanks to the ancient computer I had to present it on. The kids at the computers were trying to kill each other, and the kids watching the presentation were all, "It's time to change the picture! It's time to change the picture, Ms. B!"

Holy Crap. So, I just gotta laugh.