Monday, December 26, 2005

Thoughts From Today

First of all: Merry Christmas to All, and Happy New Year! Terrel and I left G-ville on the 20th for B-ham, drove back up for a Christmas Eve service, then back down and now we're in the Big Weezie with my family until the 30th. Chris, it looks like we're just going to miss each other! Stinker!

Some thoughts on showers. Water pressure is important...but so is the ability to be able to adjust the temperature of the water. I love my shower in Baton Rouge. First of all, the water pressure is pretty good. Then there's the water temperature--two knobs, not too sensitive. It seems like all of the showers I had at Seminary and the one we have now in G-ville go from freezing to boiling if you turn the knob just a centimeter. They're way too sensitive. There needs to be a wide range of temperatures and plenty of room to turn the knobs and get it just right. Just thought you should know.

What's with churches canceling their services on Christmas Morning!? Uh, its about Jesus, not spending time with our families. That's a high priority, but not above Jesus!? I saw a church sign that said, "No Service This Sunday! Merry Christmas!" What's that all about?

Impromptu Reunion. Tonight Terrel got to meet the crowd I hung around with in high school. We all went out to eat at one of our old local haunts and actually had a pretty good time. There's something totally weird about your husband yucking it up with your high school boyfriend, but we're all grown-ups now. Drama did rear its ugly head, though--but we all survived unscathed. We were a pretty dramatic group in our day. We laughed about some old memories, healed some old wounds, and poured salt on others. It was so Dawson's Creek!

I hope this finds you all well! Have a good time visiting your families and friends. I hope to see you all soon!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

So, I finally went to the doctor!

Ok. I finally went to the doctor. I was really frustrated 'cause I called my mom to see if I needed to go to the doctor after having a fever for 4 days and she said, "yes." But she meant right then. I found a Quick Care place (no general practitioner in the area yet) that stayed open until 8:00 pm, and I was on the phone with her around 7:15. She insisted that I go because I might not be able to get in the next day. I was all, "whatever" but I did what she said anyway because I was miserable. Well I left the house not really knowing where to go, but arrived there safely at ten til. The looked me over and it wound up being relatively painless--except for the bill part. Even the prescriptions weren't that bad.

Final diagnosis: ear infection, sinus infection, and "a little bronchitis"...whatever that means.

Oh, and by the way. If your mom tells you to go to the doctor NOW, just do it because there might be a huge ice storm that leaves half of your city without power the next day when you would have preferred to go....and there was. (Thanks Mommy.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Quick Update

Here is a post from December 4th that never quite made it. Might serve to fill in the gaps a little.

Ok, working = hard.

So, last I posted, I think I was having a hard time subbing in the chorus room at the Middle School. There were two days before the Thanksgiving break and then three days after. Well, remember when I said that it had hurt my feelings when the principal said how hard a room it was and that he wanted me to come in and try it out for a little while? I felt like the implication was that I couldn't handle it and I got all prideful and mad about it. Basically, I made a little bit of a butt out of myself, I think. Well, let it be known: He was right and I was wrong! He didn't tell me that they had run off another seasoned high school teacher earlier this year.

So, here I am, the third casualty of this crazed middle school chorus! After only five days (and not even five in a row) I had stopped eating, sleeping, and was sick to my stomach all the time. I wouldn't do anything but lay on the couch or in the bed once I got home because I didn't want the time to pass util I had to go back. It was like, "If I stay real still, time won't pass as quickly." I had a really hard time finally admitting that I did not want to teach middle school. I've decided that middle school church kids and middle school education kids are two totally different animals. The Lord was good to me, though. They were offering the job to me for the rest of the year, and I felt obligated to take it--especially since I'd been strutting around like a peacock talking about how I could handle it. They called me into the central office to talk to a lady in payroll and she started asking me about whether I had been hired for the year. I sat down and I just cried. After praying all morning for God to get me out of this horrible situation, here I was bawling in the central office. Ms. G said not to worry about it and that nothing was worth being physically ill. She reassured me that it takes a big girl to recognize what isn't right for her too. She gave me permission to walk away, and I was so glad to receive it.

I went directly from her office to the Assistant Principal's office. Once again, I explained my struggles and the effect it was having on my health. I told her that I was better suited for elementary music, and that I didn't like yelling all day and being so mean all the time. She was very understanding and kind. I left her office with a huge weight lifted! Now I'm at an elementary school and I feel that I'm doing a much better job.

So, that's the drama, mamma.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Curse of the Phantom

I recently started reading Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera. First of all, let me say that it is an excellent book, and if you're any fan of the musical, you should most definitely read the novel that inspired it. So many questions are left unanswered in Webber's stage version, and though the movie attempts to fill in some of the gaps, there is so much more in Leroux's book. I thought that, since it is a translation from French, it would be a tedious read, but it really moves fast. I haven't been able to put it down.

But what of this curse I speak of? The first time I saw Phantom on the stage, I came home and tossed and turned all night. I woke up the next morning with a high fever and was in the hospital within a week. And now, I start reading the book and half way through I wake up with a high fever. No hospital yet, but sick, none the less. Curse? Probably not. I've seen the musical three or four times and only got sick that once. Still, what are the odds? Maybe it was the double dose of Phantom this time. Since I'm reading the book I got a wild hare to rent the movie--maybe that was the dose that done me in? Who knows....

The sad fact is, dear friends, that a sick day has offered me the only opportunity I've had in weeks to update my blog and to read yours. In all honesty, there hasn't been much to tell. The last two weeks have been consumed with the singing Christmas Tree at our church. I had a solo, but had to drop out of the last two shows because I got sick and lost my voice. (Luckily it was the first verse of Silent Night, so I wasn't to hard to replace. I've also been working at an Elementary School as a long term music sub. Perhaps its more curse of the elementary school children and their germs than it is curse of the Phantom.

At any rate, there are a couple of drafts in with my other posts, so i'll try to slip those in from time to time so that you'll know about all the drama! Hope everyone is doing well!