Thursday, September 29, 2005

Can I get a "Whoop Whoop!"?

Ok, I would like every one of you to direct your eye to the sidebar and notice two new sections: "books I'm reading" and "music in my head." Also, if you will glance toward the bottom of the screen you will notice that this blog now comes equipped with scrolling text!? Woo hoo! It will feature thoughts for the day or quotes out of the books I'm reading that impressed me.

I am truly excited about these new features on my little blog, but I cannot take the credit for them myself. Much love to Thomas for all of his help in adding to my blog toys! Give it up, y'all!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pictures from Fort Worth--Collect them all!

The huge horse and cowboy statue inside Barnes & Noble downtown.
May favorite door in Fort Worth!

One of the angels on the side of Bass Hall.

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Ents attacked my house!

Here are some pictures that my mom sent me of the tree that fell on our house. The room that was damaged is my old room. My little sister moved into it shortly after I got married (her plot to thwart me has finally come into fruition!) so, its really her room now. We are all very glad that nothing was lost, although our family picutures came precariously close to being destroyed by water. Luckily (I guess) my mom and dad were in the house and were able to move everything so that there was no water damage. Go Mom and Dad!

Rita pushed back the clean up effort--apparently there is a lot of water. The tarp was no match for the wind. So pray for them as they are kind of back at square one. At least the carpet is up. But, they'll have to dry out the water that got into the walls, attic, and sunroom. On top of that, the repair guys are ready to start work on the house within the next couple of weeks, but there is a shortage of shingles. The crazy thing is that the shortage has nothing to do with Katrina or Rita, but it dates back to Andrew. That happened in 1992! Did they discontinue that model of shingles? Do they discontinue shingles? Is there more than one type of shingle? In the words of Franke Barone, "Holy Crap!"

Friday, September 23, 2005

Two out of Three ain't bad!

Well, on Wednesday past our furniture finally came...all, that is, except our ottoman.

After several conversations with the sales people at Room's to Go (Mall of Georgia) I'm finally ready to concede defeat. The ottoman was back-ordered and will not be in until October 12. Logic would suppose that we could go ahead and schedule a delivery date for the 13th or 14th, but logic would be wrong. No, we have to wait for the ottoman to arrive at the warehouse and then schedule the delivery. Nevermind that it was apparently unevident that the ottoman was not in the warehouse at all until the delivery was actually made. It stands to reason that if the ottoman could be scheduled for delivery when it was never in the warehouse before, it could just as easily be scheduled for delivery now in anticipation of its arrival from the factory. As much as I'd love to drag this whole thing out and make a serious point to these people, I can't handle the incompetance any more. For heaven's sake, my bloodpressure is at an all-time high, and I'm having a hard time maintaining a civil tone of voice and my sanity. So you win, Room's to Go! Fine, I'll rent a pick up from Lowe's or something and go pick it up myself. For Pete's sake! I just want my furniture!

I will say this, the store has attempted to make amends in order to avoid any calls and / or letters to the corporate office (or the owner of the entire company who just happens to be a good friend of the children's minister at my church--although I haven't yet mentioned that connection. I was keeping it in my arsenal in case of an emergency, which might still present itself. The ottoman could still arive polka-dotted or something). We were given a $100 merchandise certificate for our troubles on the first delivery, then they took the delivery charge off of our bill completely when they had to reschedule the much anticipated second delivery (needless to say, we were not happy). So, now if we can just get the ottoman we need not do any more business at all with that company--at least, no more than is necessary to pay off our furniture.

In other news, my mom came through Marietta this evening and Terrel and I drove down to meet up with her! Always good to see Mom! Pray for them as they are traveling back into Baton Rouge tomorrow.

Finally, I've decided it's time for my semi-anual hair up-date. I usually go after a new hairstyle about twice a year. I got the haircut from torment last November, so I think those awful David Bowie layers might finally be long enough to style. (Ever single hair on my head was a different length. It was like a cross between Ashley simpson's ultra short and shaggy cut and David Bowie's Labrynth do. Ghastly!) I'm thinking some bangs...not, like, grade school bangs, but Jessica Simpson bangs. Her latest haircut was actually kind of cute--her sister copied it and so did J-lo. You know it's cute if J-lo copies it. At any rate, the coif is getting a little shaggy and I'm in desperate need of a shaping, if nothing else. Wish me luck...I got burned last time.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Just a Spoonfull of Angst

I never watched Dawson's Creek when it was on TV. I'm terribly non-committal when it comes to TV shows. What's the point of getting hooked on a story line when you're too busy to watch it most of the time. The 4400 was this this season's fatality. I caught the memorial day marathon and was hooked...but when my normal schedule resumed I was unable to even remember to watch. Lost was the season before--I was so impressed by the whole concept! But, once again, I was unable to fit it into my schedule. I could tape it, but then I'd have to schedule a time to program the VCR, and that's another story altogether. (At least I have this consolation--those seasons will be released on DVD and then I'll get to have a marathon whenever I want!)

I'm not exactly sure what emblazoned the 10:00-12:00 block of TBS programming into my mind. Perhaps its that since high school, and most certainly since marriage, I am a little low on angst. They don't bottle the stuff, ya know. However, it does come packaged in DVD sets wrapped in cellophane. But I'm not that bad yet. I can happily torture myself vicariously through Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen daily on TBS. As if I didn't get a lifetime's worth in highschool, I feel the need to wallow in it every morning from 10:00 to 12:00. Two whole hours!

The funny thing is, its so angst-ridden that half the time I don't even know what they're talking about!? Take this example from the episode I watched today: Dawson finds out about Pacey and Joey:

(Joey goes out to the pier where Pacey's boat is at. Pacey is sitting on the rail in front of his boat.)
Joey: You ever have one of those days you wish you could live all over again?
Pacey: Yup. You?
Joey: Yeah.
Pacey: So what would you have done differently?
Joey: I don't know. Everything. (Pacey looks down sadly) Nothing at all. We'd still end up right back here. And I don't think I know where here is.
Pacey: Here is right where we started.
Joey: (about the boat) Well she looks beautiful in the water.
Pacey: This morning was just a formality. We still don't know if she's seaworthy.
Joey: She looks pretty solid.
Pacey: I don't know. She hasn't seen any stormy weather yet.
Joey: Pacey...
Pacey: It's over, isn't it?
Joey: It has to be.
Pacey: You should be the one to go first this time.
(Joey begins to walk away. A tear gently rolls down Pacey's cheek as he watches her go. Joey turns around to look back at Pacey, but he's gone.)

What? It helps to know that the boat's name is True Love. But seriously, I've never seen such ambiguous dialogue in all my life. The characters spend most of their time talking in circles about absolutely nothing! And the older I get, the sappier it sounds. Still, I watch.

So lets all raise our glass to the cast of Dawson's Creek for providing us with a healthy dose of angst on a daily basis. It is a noble profession, and now Katie Holmes gets to marry Tom Cruise. Would someone please cue the sappy, whiney music!?

Fade out.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Estate Sales: Morbid or a time of remembrance?

Terrel and I visited an estate sale this morning. For those of you who've never been to an estate sale, it is usually held at a person's former home and the family hires a group to come in and help sell that person's posessions. It's like a garage sale, but creepy. I felt completely and totally bad, like I was benefiting from another person's death. The whole experience started out to be kind of morbid.

But then I entered this one room filled with hats and vintage clothing and purses, gloves, beads, coats, slips, and all sorts of great stuff. I realized that this was a woman's history. These were the things that she loved--and she loved them so much that she kept them around her until she died. When I consider my own treasures, I think that I'd much rather have a young couple who is just starting out to use my furniture, and some young girl with an eye for vintage fashion to have my pretty things than to see them on some table in a flea market or antique mall. Then its not so much a matter of making a profit for some antique dealer as it is a family seeking to pass on their loved one's history to people who will use it and make it a part of their own history. (We'll convieniently forget that some of these buyers could be the afore-mentioned dealers.) By the time we left, I did not feel so much morbid as I did a true sense of remembrance and respect for a woman who had obviously led an interesting life, a life filled with music, elegance, style, and fashion.

I found some treasures indeed. A beautiful embroidered piano scarf (which would look lovely draped over one's shoulders with a matching mint green dress). A white flapper hat with lace and antique buttons on it. Antique book plates, two much-needed book shelves, a black purse with a feaux tortoise shell handle, and a beautiful black lace half slip that is so thick, it could easily be worn as a skirt (and lace is in style right now). These things will continue to be loved and cherished. They are true treasures because they are part of a woman's history. I hope that one day when I die, my children and grandchildren will find a world full of memories. And while I live, plenty of rainy days inside playing dress-up. I'll play along and we'll dance and twirl and have high tea with Teddy bears, Bunny rabbits, Dollies, and any pets who'd like to sit with us--as long as their willing to sit with a bonnet on their head. These treasures have a lifetime worth of memories to make yet!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adventures of the Bogers

Well, the computer is finally up and running. I love DSL...instant gratification! So, here are some pictures of Boger life and the adventures we've had over the last couple of months! Enjoy!
Here is all of our stuff boxed up and stacked in the Bogers' basement. Hooray Corona boxes!
Lucy naps in the car as we drive into Baton Rouge to visit my parents before the big move.
A rainbow stretched over head as we drove out of Baton Rouge. I have never seen a rainbow end-to-end before. It was an amazing sight to see the entire arch across the sky. I took it as a good omen and a reminder that God always keeps his promises.
Here is a picture of the flowers that were all along I-20 as we drove into Georgia. I have never seen flowers this color and I thought they were so beautiful! The only thing I've seen that can compare is I-20 driving out of Texas in the spring!
Lucy's curiosity gets the best of here and she finds herself swimming in a sea of news paper inside a huge moving box!
The move has been a traumatizing experience for Jumbo-laya. She spent most of the first week under the couch.
Terrel and Lucy tried to coax her out.
But she was relentless.
This is the little house we are renting.
This is the talkative little stream that runs alongside our driveway.
This is the view down the driveway from our balcony.
And last, but not least, this is our church.
And that is all for now from the life of the Bogers. God has richly blessed us and we feel so fortunate to be where we are. Isn't it amazing how faithful God is, even when we've doubted him!? He is so good!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

We interrupt this broadcast for a brief reality check...

Tonight I caught a rare glimpse of the news coverage of New Orleans. Unfortunately, the part that I caught was Geraldo Rivera's show and he was interviewing Al Sharpton. The subject up for discussion: The failure of FEMA--it was a race issue. Sharpton was adamant that, when compared with the government's efforts in the W. Palm Beach area last year (where the rich people live), FEMA's slow reaction to the disaster in New Orleans betrays the national government's apathy with regard to the poor, black population endangered by Katrina. When asked if it might more rightly be understood as a socio-economic issue, Sharpton called it a cop out and said that since 84% of the poor population in New Orleans is black, there was no difference. When questioned about Nagin and Blanco's lack of preparation, he said that it was unfair to blame them--that the responsiblity ultimately lies with the federal government.

I disagree. The whole reason we have Mayors and Governors is because we need some kind of executive power close enough to the people to know exactly what is needed. The federal government cannot be every where at once--they can't know the needs of every person in every city in all of the United States--that's what our representatives and local government are for. Nagin is the primary person at fault here. He could have mobilized hundreds of local school buses to get those people out of there. Blanco's next. I've heard that she refused help from FEMA that was offered before the disaster began. But you won't hear that on the evening news. Why? They're democrats, and we just don't say anything bad on the news about the democrats. And why won't you see the blame find its rightful place in Nagin's hands? Because he's black, and no one is allowed to say that anything is a black man's fault. The white man is always to blame.

Well, I'm white and I never wished any ill will on any one. I'm white and the footage on the TV brings me to tears. I'm white and I want to do whatever it takes to help anyone who has been affected by Katrina. Not only that, but I know several families of different races who are taking these people into their homes, feeding them, clothing them, donating places for them to live, offering scholarships, gift cards, gas, transportation, medical care, anything they need. Yep, that's the face of racism alright. That's the behavior of complete and total hatred.

I'm not going to beat around the bush and sit here afraid to call a spade a spade. The worst kind of racism comes from the black population. Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Al Sharpton, and Ray Nagin are just a few examples. I mean, some uppity store in France turns Oprah away because they're closed and she yells "racism!" They were closing, Oprah. Get off your high horse and go home. You're just mad because you didn't get your way like you're used to because your a billionaire. You wanna talk about racism? What about the six black guys who brutally beat two soldiers who had just returned from Iraq? Why aren't we hearing more about these guys? Why aren't we hearing Al and Oprah and Kanye sound off about that crime? No, they would rather criminalize the entire white population for the lives lost in Katrina, an act of nature completely out of man's control, than to point a finger of blame on a group of black men engaged in an act of severe brutality.

I don't care if you hate me. This is a free country where we have the right to speak our minds! It seems like the only minds we ever hear from these days are those left wing nut-jobs in Hollywood and anybody who had anything negative to say about Bush and the republican party. Well, guess what! Somebody needs to start speaking up for the conservative right around here!

White people are not racist!
Black people who think everything is about race are more racist than anyone else!
The economy is really not that bad off!
We didn't find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because we gave them months worth of warnings, so they had time to get rid of them!
Sadam Hussein is a mad man who hurt people! He deserves to die and we are fighting a good fight to free them and establish a government that will protect that freedom that we've all been fighting for over there.
You can't reason with terrorists! They don't want to talk it out, they want to kill. Sometimes you just have to fight them on their terms.
Movie stars are idiots who have no idea how your average American lives, so why should we listen to them to tell us how to vote!?
Welfare is a bad idea--there needs to be reform! It cripples people and relegates them to poverty without empowering them to get out of it!

I'm a Christian. I'm a republican. I'm white. I bear no one any ill will. I love all people, no matter what their color, ethnicity, or religion. Stop accusing me of thoughts I've never thought, feelings I've never felt and thing's I've never done. Like I said before, CAN IT.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Temper Tantrum

This is the sofa we were expecting to be delivered between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. Of all the times for the delivery guy to show up exactly at 9:00, it had to be today. He called Terrel's cell, but we missed it, and he must not have tried our home we couldn't open the gate...and he left with our couch, our chair, our automan...everything. And, I threw a temper tantrum. I have tried to excuse it with such explanations as, "well, I have been living in someone else's house for the last two months, its only natural that I'd be insanely disappointed about not finally receiving the furniture after a week." Or, try this one, "We've been trying to get a human being on the phone all morning, so its only natural that I'd be a little frustrated." And there's always the ever-ready, "I just need this place to feel like a home--I'm homesick!" But, no matter how hard I try, there is no excuse for throwing a hissy fit over furniture. No one's feelings are worth that. I tried to be nice to the girl on the phone, but I don't think I did a very good job--I was stern, at best. The sofas will most likely be delivered tomorrow or Monday, and it sounded like Tuesday would be the latest. I've waited a week, I'll last a few more days. When the girl (Nemoi, I think she said her name was) calls to let us know, I do hereby promise to apologize to her (most likely using one of the lame explanations sited above).

But, can I get a witness!? I mean, first of all, big corporations are STINKY! We've been on the horn with Best Buy (Not so good service) all week about some work they did for us. The long and short of it is, it wasn't ready before we moved, we had to go meet Terrel's parents on the other side of Atlanta to get it back, and when we got it home, it still wasn't fixed! ARG! Their explanation? "Well, ma'am, it worked in the store. I can't guarantee you that its going to work when you get it home." What? And just forget about talking to a human being on the phone unless you're willing to wade through countless automated answering services with menu after menu after menu...and then you're going to hold for an enternity, only to be disconnected and have to start all over again. Or, you finally get to where you can talk to a human being and nobody ever picks up the phone--it just rings and rings!

And what's with this delivery / service window? I mean, usually they don't show up until well after the window has closed anyway...but not today! Oh no, the Rooms to Go folks are on the ball this morning. Well, what's done is done. Hey, Tuesday actually works for me. I'll be at home waiting for the satellite man.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dont worry! You'll get your check!

I try not to get too political on this thing, but I just feel like something has got to be said about this hurricane reaction time business. It was NOT a black / white thing, first of all. That is the most rediculous thing I've ever heard. Mainly because there are several races involoved--being black and being of a lower socio-economical status are not one-in-the-same. (And, I'm sure there are several affluent African Americans out there who would take offense at the insinuation.)

The accusation seems to be that the White House sat on its hands while those less privaleged were left to be washed away in the tidal surge. This is absolutely rediculous and betrays the fact that America is growing more and more impatient for immediate results in all situations. Unfortunately, mother nature does not work on any particular time table. New Orleans survived the hurricane fairly well--it was the unexpected tidal surge that caused all of the destruction, and being unforseen, it was not adequately planned for. While this may be an act of ignorance, I do not believe it was an act of neglegence.

And lets talk about ignorance. America is due a huge wake-up call. As evacuees are transported into cities all over the nation, I believe our country as a whole is about to realize just how helpless some of these people really were. Perhaps as a country we have failed to realize that there are people in our inner cities who desperately need our help in times like these. Being so independently minded, we figure each man has the resources he needs to get out of harm's way. But this, apparently, is not the case. Here is an entire socio-ecnomic class of people who were rendered helpless to get out of New Orleans. Neglect? No...ignorance, plane and simple. The rest of us just didn't realize that they needed help, even to the extent of transportation out of the area.

Why are these people so helpless? What has rendered them so? White oppression? The rich man's efforts to keep him so low? No. I can sum it up in one word: Welfare. Our government has made it possible to live completely and totally helpless. In freeing people of this socio-economic class out of one type of opression, we have led them into another. They are captive to the government that claims to help them. This is not to say that these are a bad people, or even a lazy people. I have worked along side them, and ministered among them. They are good, fun-loving God-fearing people, but they are enslaved to this way of living.
And, thus, rendered helpless.

Our governement has made it profitable to live in single-parent homes, and even more profitable to have several children out of wedlock. People of this class no longer marry, because the family unit is not nearly so secure as the welfare check. In Baton Rouge, I hear that the big news is, "Don't worry! You'll get your check!" The government wants to make sure that this inner city population, though scattered to the wind, knows that they will receive their welfare checks. And what will the hard-working citizens of Mississippi and Lousisiana who have lost everything receive? No paycheck--their place of business is gone. Unemployment, maybe. An insurance check...if the insurance company doesn't go belly up under all the claims. And when will they receive that? A year? Two years?

So, what's my point. My point is, CAN IT! I don't want to hear any more complaints about the government's reaction time. IT WAS A can't put helicopters in the air during a hurricane. The Government--and everybody else, for that matter--did all that they could as quickly as they could. So, get over it. Everybody is hurting. Rich and poor has been erased. Katrina was the great equalizer, and all have lost a great deal. So, Ray, maybe you should stop adding to the hurt by calling this a race issue and start cleaning up and planning for the future. It's your responsibility to look after the people of New Orleans. Why didn't you take the action and have these people bussed out on school busses? You were the one who suggested the Superdome as a safe house for these people...why didn't you stock it with water, food, and medical supplies? The only one you can blame for THAT is yourself! How is Bush supposed to know what your city's demographics call for in a crisis? He runs the country--you run the city. Or were you too busy getting out yourself to worry about those you left behind?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Our New Home and My Hometown

Well, we're officially in Gainesville! I am so excited to be here and I cannot believe how awesome our living situation is! We have the cutest house that is situated at the bottom of what I think are the foothills of the Great Smokies. Whatever the case, it's like living in the mountains and it looks just like something you'd find in Gatlinburg, TN. It's a two story, two bedroom \ one bath that has a little balcony in the front. A little stream runs right down the side of our driveway, so you can sit out on the balcony and listen to the water. There is also an old logging trail that goes up the mountain / foothill, whatever, behind our house. It's been too wet to go exploring, but Mr. Jim recently had it bushwhacked so that we could walk up there.

On a more practical note, we have tons of storage and plenty of room! The rent is great and our cats love it! We're not far from town at all, so its like living out in the mountians, but without all the inconvenience. I feel like I'm on some kind of a retreat all the time! So, here's an open invitation to any of you who just need to get away from it all for a little while. Come for a visit or stop in on your way through if you're traveling home. It's so great! I can't believe this is my life!

In other news, I don't even have to ask you to pray for the folks in my beloved Weezie. Terrel and I drove out of Baton Rouge on Sunday via Vicksburg (for those of you in the know, you'll notice that this is kind of around the world to get to your elbow). We just couldn't get out any other way. It was extremely hard to leave my family behind--I felt like a rat fink, but we had to get to Birmingham for our move, which was scheduled for Monday. We're actually lucky we got out of BR at all. We do not yet have our television hooked up, so I have missed a lot of the footage. All that I've seen was about ten minutes on a television in the mall earlier this week. It's just total devastation. NOBTS, rumor has it, won't open back up for classes for another 8 months, and their moving their offices to Atlanta. (All you library workers will feel the pain with me when you consider that NOBTS, Loyola, U of New Orleans, and Tulane are all under water! Think about the libraries and all of those books ruined! Out of print books, archives, treasure collections! Just gone! It's so sad!) Who knows how long it will take to get New Orleans cleaned up. Its about 20 feet under sea level, and they'll have to pump the water out. (I'm sure this is all old news for you's still news to me.)

A tree fell on the back left side of my family's BR home. Everyone is ok, but we're all kind of bummed about it. Things could have been a lot worse, so we're lucky, relatively speaking. My uncle JC in Jayess, MS is without power. They are in an extremely rural area, so they're expected to be without for about a month. He spent four hours in line this week waiting in line to buy two big generaters. Ashely (see Holly's wedding party) and her husband lost everything, from what I hear. Be praying for them....since they were renting and had recently moved, they might not have had any insurance coverage yet. I know that BR had no gas left when I talked to my dad on Wednesday night. Here in GA the governor has placed some kind of emergency restrictions on the gas prices to prevent price gouging. Some place in Atlanta was selling it for $6 / gallon. (BTW, snaps for the BR Cracker Barrel who, as of Wednesday, was holding at $2.53 / gallon--keep up the good work!)

And that is all the news from my new home and my hometown. We miss you all! The great thing is that Terrel's job will allow us to come back in the spring for Church Music Workshop, so I hope to visit with all you SWBTS people then!