Friday, July 29, 2005

Open-hand slaps. We're givin 'em away!!!

Ok, here's my top ten list of people I'd like to open-hand slap (a la Rick & Bubba) in no particular order.

1. The guy who woke up one morning and said, "I know, lets hitch another trailer onto the back of that 18-wheeler! I mean, its already ten feel long, nose to tail, what's another ten feet in 70 mph traffic!?"

2. Whichever male Hollywood personality it was that made it fashionable to wear a trucker hat just a little off kilter.

3. Jeanane Garofalo.

4. Whatever Abercrombie exec. it was that came up with the wonderful idea of turning boxer shorts into an accessory by convincing teenage boys that it's cool to let your jeans sag low enough to let your jockies show over the top.

5. People who create computer viruses just for the fun of causing trouble for everyone else.

6. Women in big 'ole Lexus sport utility vehicles drivin' around with their elderly mothers in the passenger seat, making insane "move it along" hand gestures at you from behind just because you turned your blinker on 10 seconds ago and you've got to wait for the car in your right hand blind spot to pass you by before you can change lanes, but you're just taking too long for them and they need you to get out of their way so they can pass you on the left and quickly get back in the right lane because they just can't wait to get to that exit just a mile up the road. Where's the fire grandma!? And don't you look over your shoulder at me like I did something wrong as y'all are passin' me by! (Ok, that might just be a reaction to something that happened earlier today. The fact remains, they both deserve to be open-hand slapped....Does that mean that there should be a number for each of them? So...)

7. The elderly mother in the passenger's seat of the afore mentioned Lexus sport utility vehicle.

8. The man who invented fax machines! They never work right!

9. Parents who let their 11-year-old girls run around half-naked, dressed like a 21-year-old adult film star with her already too short pink velour gym shorts rolled up at the waist band to make them even shorter! Why not just paint a big target on them and post a sign on her back that reads, "Pedophiles wanted."

10. Angry people who make top ten lists. (tee hee.)

Ok, that's enough for today. I've been driving, so I had to let some tension out.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Meet Lucy!

Don't let the cuteness fool you! This girl is a stinker...Literally! She is the smelliest cat ever. I thought she'd be way too prissy to burp, but she's not. Dad says its the food she's eating, so when I visit the Weezie this weekend, I'm gonna get her some Science Diet! Its great having a vet in the family.

Meet Cornbread!

Terrel and I have two furry friends, Lucy and Cornbread. Lucy is our kitten, and she was my birthday present from Terrel. She is full of spunk and very prissy. Her favorite toy is an oversized red fuzzie (one of those arts and crafts pom poms). Its hilarious to watch her carry that thing around in her mouth and bat it around the room. I now know why they say "curiosity killed the cat." Lucy is very curious, getting into everything! Cornbread is our fancy rat. That's right, fancy. I know what you're thinking, "Gross! A rat!" Hey, Nicole Richie has two of them, and if its good enough for Nicole, its good enough for us! His antics are hilarious! His pastimes include chewing on his ice cream box house, chewing on his stick, chewing on any cloth that gets too close to his cage (he's got quite a reach!), drinking bottled water, and eating jelly beans. He's a jelly belly nut!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Now it's my turn!

Tomorrow morning, at 11:00, I have an interview of my own. There is a Christian academy here that is looking for a music teacher. It's once-a-week music classes for k-4 through 7th and then a secondary choir. That last part is what scares me. I could teach elementary music all day long, but choir is a horse of a completely different color. I mean, I married to the theory guru, but he won't be in there conducting...I will. I know that I could do it, but it would definitely be a challenge. I could sit on the side lines and just do secretarial work, but that seems like an aweful waste of a degree.

Still no word on the Hueytown job. We're still praying that it will come through. The count is up to four now on people who called and recommended Terrel for the job. On Monday we hand delivered thank you notes. If nothing else, we've learned from this experience that there are a lot of people out there who love and respect Terrel (not that we didn't already know that we had great friends! I mean in the professional world...) and really want to see him succeed! Please keep praying for us! God bless you all!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Ghost Forum

Terrel and I got our pictures from Sloss furnace developed today (I'm a scrapbooking dork) and we gave them a good looking over. We found some pretty creepy things. One of them clearly shows how fuzzy the screen was on our camera. A couple of others show some shadowy patches (one that looks like a man standing in the shadows at the top of some stairs) and a few orbs. Fun stuff.

Here's the deal. The incident with the camera got me to thinking. While I wouldn't call it an encounter of the ghoulish kind, it most definitely gets filed under "weird." I've never actually seen a 'ghost' before. However, I have a couple of friends (intelligent, rational, logical, non-dramatic people) who have seen some seemingly ghostly beings. I've heard their stories and they freak me out.

Here's the deal...At the risk of sounding incredibly naiive, I'll admit it...I guess I sit around and try to incorporate the possibility of such beings into my understanding of things as a Christian. While there are many logical explanations that might explain away most occurances, there seems to be the inescapable conclusion that there are certain places on this earth (Sloss Furnace, the Myrtles Plantation, etc.) where these ghostly occurrances seem to happen more than others. I mean...there must have been some truth to those reports that branded such places "haunted." Even if some kind of mass hysteria or power of suggestion caused most of the reports of ghoulie behaviors, there are those that seem to be sincere and uninfluenced by previous knowledge. Something happens in these places. My question is: What is it? And: How does it jive with my theological beliefs about heaven and hell, the afterlife, and so on?

So what do you think? Lets open up a ghost forum. Especially in the case of those of you who are fellow believers (in Christ, not in ghosts), I'd really like to know what you think...or if you've ever had any experiences you might file under, "weird."

No News Yet

Well, I had hoped that we would know a little somthing about the job today, but I guess it was just wishful thinking. They said that we might find out by Monday. Of course, by now I've just worried myself sick and we're about to come unglued. I've tried to occupy myself with my own job search, but that was short-lived. So, here I am.

We need Virginia! She is our friend from Bowld Music Library who never lets us get discouraged. Every time we start to talk in terms of "God might have a job for us," or "Maybe there will be a place for us," she always says, "No, God does have a job for you," and "There is already a place for you." We need some of that postive thinking and encouraging thought right now. Virginia is a very special person who really knows how to encourage her friends in the Lord. We miss you Virginia!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Spooky Day

Today Terrel and I entertained ourselves with a visit to Sloss Furnace here in Birmingham. It was one of the furnaces that was used to produce the pig iron that was a major part of Birmingham's industry and, thus, its growth. It was shut down in 1971, but in 1983 it was reopened as a kind of museum and national landmark. Oh, and its creepy.

The tour is self guided and the grounds are not very crowded. So, Terrel and I were pretty much alone in most of the buildings. There are several stories about it being haunted, so I was a little nervous (being the scardy cat that I am). While we didn't see or hear anything, one unusual thing did happen. We have a digital camera and I kept it on while we were touring Furnace 1. While we were there, my camera did something I've never seen it do before: it started fuzzing like a TV screen (A la The Ring). Something in the furnace was definitely interfering with the equipment. But, the pictures turned out ok. I can't wait to get them developed and see if we caught any interesting stuff on film (even though I can see the pictures on the screen--something might turn up when they're officially developed). So, it was a fun and spooky day. I'll try to post some of the pictures later when our computer is back up.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Waiting on Pins and Needles!

Well, Terrel finally had his first interview on Thursday morning at 10:00. All of you that knew about it and prayed for us at that time, thank you so very much. What we didn't know at the time was that three of Terrel's old Samford buddies called the guy and spoke very highly of Terrel. His was the very first interview, and from what he's told me of his responses to their questions, I think his openness and honesty will be hard to beat. For those of you who don't know Terrel, he's just real. He's not goint to put on a show or drop names. He won't pretend that he's something he's not--if there's a weakness, he'll tell you what it is along with his plans to improve in this area. When asked what his perfect band job would be he told them that right now, this is it. He would be assistant band director for both the middle and high schools. He said, "I didn't know that a job like that existed!"

I have a real peace about all of this. However, I'm not going to jump to conclusions and try to guess at the workings of God--his mind is far to high above mine for this feeble brain to figure it out. Still, I feel good. There's been very little anxiety over the matter, and I haven't really thought about it much. Word is that we could hear something as early as Monday. I'm hoping that the confidence his friends have in him will carry some weight as Joel decides who he's going to hire. The've worked together before at a band camp and Terrel says they got along fine.

Terrel and I are excited at the prospect of possibly being able to get out on our own. Our current living situation is not ideal for us. It requires a great deal of humility and patience, which I am much in need of and willing to learn. However, I am concerned about how long we can maintain a healthy relationship living the way that we are.

Please pray that what ever the outcome we will be resigned to God's will. The disappointment will be great if this job doesn't work out...but I know that God is big enough to fill any emptiness we migth feel at the loss. I will also start looking for a job this week, so please keep that need in your prayers as well. Thank you all so very much!

Addendum: If there is anything that we can pray for you about, please email me or leave it as a comment. I would never want anyone to think that I expect everyone to be praying for us, but am unwilling to do the same for those in need. God bless you all!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Ok, so the job at Erwin has already been filled. It seems like everybody out here has a friend that they've already chosen for opening positions. What in the world!? Its absolutely unbelievable! Terrel is really discouraged, so please pray for us. We're trying to stay positive, but its really hard. I do think it will be better with us out here and our faces in theirs all the time.

To fill you in a little bit, Terrel went to Erwin High School yesterday to turn in his resume. I sat in the car, thinking it would only take a minute or two. Terrel didn't come back out for an hour. So, I thought maybe he'd been given an im promtu (spelling?) interview. However, when he came out he told me he'd been told to wait and that, finally, the hiring guru came out of his office, shook his hand, said he had the resume, and that he'd call him back. Ok, that last part is the kiss of death. So, Dr. Remley (who is awesome, by the way) called us this morning to tell us that the job was filled. He also told us that another job is opening up, but that the band director has a friend that he wants to get it. ARG!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Turns out that the Heuytown dude does NOT know who he wants to get that job...and Terrel has a friend who has put in a good word for him. And the guy told Heather (who is also awesome) to tell Terrel to call him. Pray like you've never prayed before!

Today, I sat outside and prayed. I asked God what we're supposed to do. Maybe we missed the boat. Maybe we've made the wrong choices. As I closed my eyes and considered other places where we could apply (Mobile, AL, Tennessee, Louisiana) I really felt like God was telling me, "stay there and wait." I'm a controller. I get involved with things. I put my hands in the pot and get in the mix. So, its hard for me not to try to control this situation. Pray for our attitude. Pray that I won't get invovled--God has to be in control. Pray that God will speak to us so clearly that we won't be able to do anything that contradicts his will.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for taking an interst. Thank you for praying for us.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Well, we're here. After two days of packing torment we finally pulled out of Fort Worth at 4:00 on Saturday evening. We were off like a herd of turtles. My dad, Terrel, and I formed a little caravan and headed off into the sunset. The moving trailer was hitched to Terrel's parents' truck and they set off earlier on Saturday morning. They are my heroes because they made it all the way to Birmingham. The rest of us had to stop off in Monroe, LA for the night.

Everything is out of the trucks and in the house. Anna, Terrel's niece walked into the basement and said, "Wow! It's a box world!" Terrel's mom has given us permission to do anything we'd like to with the room we're in, so I'm excited about getting to decorate and stuff. I'm a sucker for a new color scheme. We're just trying to make an adventure out of it and have a little fun.

Tomorrow Terrel is going to deliver another resume, so please pray for us. Today is the very first time anyone has called us back about a job. Usually we call and leave a message and they're supposed to call us back and they never do. Terrel is really excited about getting a responce at all! So, we'll make a day of it tomorow. Again, please pray for us!

Today was also our first day back on Weight Watchers. As you probably know, married people tend to put on an average of 20 lbs. in their first year of marriage. We haven't gained quite that much, but we've been climbing pretty steadily here in the last few months. So, I've decided to post my own progress here on this blog. It may lend itself to providing some accountability. (I can't exactly afford the meetings at $12 a pop.) I was born and raised in Louisiana, so you know I love to eat. Terrel and I are going to work on it together and move toward a healthier lifestyle. They say that ministers have the worst health out of any profession, and if Seminary is any indication of the kind of lifestyle to expect in ministry (and I think it is) then we've got to get a hold on this now!

That is all. You Fort Worth folks, we'll miss you dearly! Stephanie, thanks for being our hero on Saturday and helping us clean the apartment. Beth, you're DVD's are at the Circ desk--Bobby can probably pick them up for you. Thomas, I found that video, but I couldn't get back over to your office. I'll try to mail it to you. Bonnie, I'm sorry we didn't get to go hang out with you and Chris. You seem really cool and I wish I could have gotten to know you better. Geo, the same goes for you--I wish we could have gotten together before the move. Jason, thank you for returning our books for us. Jeff, glad you're back in the U.S. I hope you loved Oxford and I can't wait to read about it on your blog. All of you, if you're ever in Birmingham, give us a jingle and we can get together. If you're passing through and you need a place to stay, let us know. (This offer, of course, is somewhat contingent upon whether or not we have a place to stay) ;) God bless you all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Attitude Adjustment

Ok, so my attitude hasn't been that great here lately. I've pretty much used this site as my own personal belly-aching sounding board. And that's pretty stinky. The other day I decided that I would call my dad and gripe to him. He showed me how wrong I was and how negative my perspective on life in general has been. Really, its been pretty crappy. The truth of the matter is that God has done great things in my life. I mean, he saved me from my sins and secured my eternal salvation...uh, that's pretty cool. So, here are the top ten great and awesome things God has done in my life! I hope it counteracts all the negative activity that has plagued this blog in recent days!

10. He brought me to seminary, helped me make good grades, and to finally graduate!
9. He helped me to get a job to support me while I was in school.
8. He gave me a group of great people to be friends with...and some of them really understood
me. The others are still a little confused.
7. He made my mother is a breast cancer survivor.
6. He was faithful to me when I was in my accident and allowed me to continue in life without any permanent damage to my brain or my sight. He also put doctors there to repair my face in such a way that people hardly notice my scars any more.
5. He put great people into my life at a young age who got me involved in the youth group and helped me to stay faithful all through high school and college.
4. My grandparents left me a legacy of faith in God.
3. I was born into a wonderful, loving family with Christian parents and a sister who is wholly committed to Christ.
2. He gave me a great husband who loves the Lord and he loves me. (His family has left to him a legacy of faith and he, too, was raised in a loving, Christian home.)
1. He revealed himself to me at a young age so that I could see that Jesus is the only way to salvation and he has put people and situations in my life that have grown me as a Christian and made me stronger.

So, enough pity partying! I'm reclaiming this blog! We're cracking down on belly-aching! There will be none of that! From now on we're only thinking positive! You have our money-back gaurantee!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Holly has a blog!

Hey people! Check out Holly's Life! She's such a smart aleck, it promises to be a laugh. Join Holly and Glen as they dive into married life. It'll be the best thing since Newlyweds!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Real Life Heroes!

Two weeks ago, Terrel and I traveled through Baton Rouge and Birmingham on our way to Atlanta. While we were at my house, I scanned several old pictures of my dad's side of the family. It was so much fun looking through them and hearing the stories about my granma, and especially my grandpa, because I never knew him. Then, as we were driving out of Birmingham, back to Fort Worth, we were listening to "Rick and Bubba" talk about the newly released list of the greatest Americans. I was shocked to find Opra Winfrey and Bill Clinton listed above such monoliths as Billy Graham and F. D. R. Even the addition of "Dubya" amongst such greats as George Washington and Lincoln suprized me. Its not that these aren't influential people or even great people...I'm just not sure I would list them as the greatest Americans of all time.

So who are the greatest Americans. What makes one great? Pat Tilman has been called a hero because he left a professional football career to join the military and protect our country. He gave his life to defend our nation, but does his status as a professional athelete make him exceptional? His sacrifice was certainly great and extremely admirable--not everyone would make such a choice. But, has he really given up anything more than every other person serving in the armed forces? Elvis joined up, and risked losing his life and an extremely successful music career, but did he risk anything more than all of the other Americans who fought and died?

Above are two pictures of my granpa Irvin. He fought to protect our country during WWII. These are two of my favorite pictures because they're real. They look like something out of a movie, but that's really my granpa. To our generation, scenes like this belong to the sensational, romanticized accounts provided to us in movies. The closest thing we can know to what they actually had to face in combat is the experience we might get from playing a video game where you're storming the beaches at Normandy. But the war wasn't romantic. The heros weren't make believe, they were real. They still are real even now as we have Americans all over the world fighting for freedom. Not only for our own, but for that of others as well.

I know a lot of people are against America right now...even some of our own citizens. Sometimes we just have to get out there and fight for the little people. Were it not for war even more Jews might have been killed in concentration camps. War isn't pretty, and it should always be a last resort, but sometimes its just the only option.

It makes me sad to know that there are places here in the US that don't even fly the flag because it might offend someone. While I respect their right to think differently about the way our country is ran than I do, it hurts to realize that the very flag they hate stands for the freedom and rights that they have to speak out against it without fear. No one will call them a traitor if they rail against the government. No one will jail them for refusing to fly the flag. They are protected by the freedom for which that flag waves. This is the same flag that men of old watched for breathlessly over the ramparts in hope that it still waved on through the battle. For if the flag did not wave, it meant that the battle was lost and America defeated. Perhaps America is defeating itself, because there are areas where the flag no longer waves.

The greatest Americans are those who fight for our freedom. The real heros are those who strive so that every flag in the world will stand for freedom. My granpa is one of my heros, and men like him I esteem the greatest Americans. He fought to defend our country and to protect those who could not protect themselves. He came home with both legs because he was too stubborn to let them amputate. He worked hard and raised two great boys. He was a great American!

So, I leave you with the words of our national anthem. So often we sing it, but never really notice the words. There is such anticipation in them, such hope--and anxiety at the same time--placed in the flag. Does it still wave? Is it still there? Are we still free?

Say, can you see by the dawns early light what to proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming!? Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Say, does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Picutres are here!

Well, I've been offered a brief respite from my offline dungeon. For some reason my computer has chosen to cooperate. So, for fear that its good humor might not last long, I shall inundate my blog with pictures of all things wonderful that I have been longing to share with the whole of cyberspace...or at least the small corner that my little blog occupies.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Warren

For the first time ever, I present to all of you out there in cyberspace, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Warren!

The Bogers

Here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Boger. But we're not who you came here to see...

Here are a couple of pics from the reception.

Ready for Our Close-up

Holly and I are all dressed up and ready to go!

Maids in a Row

Here you see all of the bridesmaids. From left to right are: Jessica, Me, Ashley, Katie, Morgan, Jaclyn, and Meredith.

Backstage Pass

Here you've been given an official back-stage glimpse into the pre-wedding preparations of brides and brides' maids. On the left, Jessica (the maid of honor) puts on Holly's garter. There was much confusion, because she wore two: one to keep and one to throw. We debated and debated over whether they should be worn one on each leg, or both on the same leg. I think the latter option won out in the end. It might be too much for a newly married bride to remember which leg had the keeper and which had the throw away garter on it.

Up top is a picture of the entire group. Holly is most likely going to kill me for this one. As a group, we have bound her into a myriad of special undergarments that the bridal industry has contrived in order to make more money. First they design the most beautiful dresses so that you just absolutely must have that perfect gown, and then they compose them in such a way as to make these special undergarments an absolute necessity. Here you have a rare peek into the binding of the bride. I remember, on my wedding day, I could scarcely draw breath I had so many different squeazers on! But even here, Holly looks absolutely gorgeous!

The veiling

Here, Meredith pins Holly's veil on. Consequently, Meredith is married to that red-headed guy from Sweet Home Alabama who said, "He's about to surrender!" when Reese Whitherspoon's character was looking for her dad out on the battlefield.

All dolled up

Here are Holly and me with our hair all done and our makeup on! She walked around all day in her tiara announcing that she was a princess!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

On Vacation!

Ok, so we haven't really left Fort Worth, but Terrel and I are on vacation! We've decided to take this last couple of weeks that we have here to see the sites. On Sunday we went down town and walked around. We took some pictures, had coffee, and what not. Yesterday we drove into Granbery for their arts and crafts fair. If you haven't been there, its totally worth the trip. They have the cutest town square and a great vintage clothing shop. One of my favorite dresses was from the 1920's. They have some gorgeous clothes that are in great shape.

Tonight we're headed to our last Rangers game and tomorrow we'll head out to the Texas Motor Speedway for a tour (No redneck jokes, please!) and then we'll head to Dallas to see the Kennedy museum. We'd also like to go to Glen Rose where they have the wildlife reserve, Fossil Rim, and that dinosaur tracks park thingy.

And that's just this week! We have five days other than that! So, if you have any other suggestions, let me know!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Measuring Up

Only I, in my insanely insecure mind could turn a blog into a popularity contest. But, alas, I seem to have done so...and in only just a month. Wow, folks...that's talent. I think I must have put the counter on this thing only to reassure myself that I do get a visitor now and then. Yep...I've definitely slipped into complete and total looserdom.

Geo, if you're reading this, you can probably back me up. Life on the outside is lonely. Otherwise, I'd be measuring my popularity against other people rather than other people's blogs. I gotta get a hobby.

I do have hobbies: Reading. Scrapbooking. Needlepoint. Writing. (I'm working on my first best-seller now.) As Terrel and I wait to move, wait for a call about a job, wait for a place of our own, time just seems to move more and more slowly. Each minute seems like it takes an hour to pass. The waiting is almost unbearable. I'm borrowing trouble wherever I can find it (hence the popularity contest). Whatever I can find to worry I about, I do. It's a real crisis of faith is what it is. All of our eggs are in this basket. (Actually, they're packed into cardboard boxes at the moment.) Only the unknown awaits us. God will do his will--I trust in that. It's his will that scares me, though. He's going to do what he wants to do. Does that include a job for us? I don't know. He may want to teach us some big lesson or something...and while I try to get all excited about whatever he sees fit to do in our lives, I honestly don't know how it will affect my faith if we move to Birmingham and there's nothing there for us. What if God isn't waiting for us on the other side? What if we missed his will?

Stephen Curtis Chapman wrote this song, "His Eyes." Its an oldie, but a goodie. I've been singing the last verse of that song in my head for the last week, trying to believe that its true:

Sometimes I look above me, and stars are shining,
And I feel so small.
How could the God of heaven, and all creation
know I'm here at all?
But then in the silence he wispers,
"My child, I created you too.
And you're my most precious creation
I even gave my son for you"
His eyes are always upon us.
His eyes never close in sleep.
And, no matter where you go, you will always be
In his eyes.

When Hagar ran from Sarah the first time, when she realized how Sarah's hatred for her was growing, she encountered God's faithfulness in the desert. An angel visited her as she sat by a stream on the road to Shur. He asked her, "Where have you come from, and where are you going?" (Gen 16:8) When she explained that she was running from Sarah, the angel told her to return and that she would give birth to a baby boy. He told her to name the boy "Ishmael," because God had heard her cry in the desert. Hagar declared that Yahweh was "El Roi," the God who sees. God saw her. And not just her, but her innermost thoughts and fears for herself and her unborn child. What's more is that he cared for her. He was faithful to her, the mother of the anti-promised child. An Egyptian on her way back to Egypt and its Gods.

In my heart, I know that God is faithful. We read just the other night in Romans 3, I think, that God's faithfulness does not depend on our faithfulness. I know. I know. I know. In my head, I know. But my heart is filled with fear. Fear for our future. Fear for my husband, who desperately needs some sort of affirmation that he is the man that I know that he is. Fear for my faith. What will happen if there is nothing waiting for us on the other side?

So, whoever your are, wherever you are. Whether you read this or not, I hope that someone is praying with us. Sometimes I wonder if who I am and what little faith I can muster up is enough to make a difference. Moses may be able to move the heart of God...but I'm not Moses...not by a long shot. If it may be moved, I pray with all of my heart that it might be moved to mercy. I pray that he would have pity on my poor husband who wants so much to provide for me and take care of me. He is a man and feels the weight of all those manly responsibilities. He just wants to do a good job. He just wants someone to give him a chance. He just wants someone to return his phone calls.

God is silent. The phones are silent. The house is silent. The whole world is silent. And we sit. And we wait.

Funny Stories...if you're interested.

My sister wrote some funny stories about our younger days on her xanga site. They cheered me up a bit...and they might make you laugh. Check 'em out if you want to.